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SOAR: Building Strengths-Based Strategy

What is SOAR

SOAR stands for Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results. Like Appreciative Inquiry, the process invites representatives of all stakeholders (anyone who has an interest in the organization) into the conversation about what the organization does well and what the collective values and aspirations are. Aspirations are 'longings' and the research is clear that people long to do purposeful work. They want to know that what they do each day is making a positive difference to others and reflects what they value. And, that generally is not just building 'wealth' for a small group of people. They also want to have positive relationships with the people they work with and those relationships are created through conversation, especially constructive conversations. SOAR creates the platform for those conversations to take place, which in turn nurtures the relationships while people discover how their joint efforts benefit themselves and other stakeholders.

What better time to use SOAR than right now? Focus your team on what you do well and how you can take advantage of that to get results. This will help move people from fear of the volatility of our current economic situation into action that will produce results, creating an upward spiral of energy and rewards.

"What I especially like about SOAR is the R or Results. It is a lot easier for people to put their discretionary efforts into achieving results when they see a direct connection to their values. And because the R is such a key part of the process, it is not left for later; which in my experience often happens in an Appreciative Inquiry session."  Sue Hammond, Publisher, Thin Book Publishing.

Strategy is everybody's job and The Thin Book of SOAR shows how to make that happen. The examples are clear and practical as the authors both have extensive experience working with a wide variety of clients. There is an in-depth case study to see how it unfolds in a formal process. There is also an example of how to do a Quick SOAR, a 5-hour session you could use with your team. 


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